Sunday, September 15, 2013

God's Script

Sometimes what we want is not what Gods wants for us and every journey is a preparation towards attainment of Gods plan and purpose for our lives. 

This made me understand that "life does not follow a script" that's why we make some plans and they don't work out as planed and arranged simply because they are not in God's MASTER SCRIPT.

While we were growing up we made so much plans and had big dreams. hold it! how many of those plans and dreams in our script actually get to be fulfilled?
God help us.

Abraham planned to be a father of children that was why he got married at the age he did yet had to wait for almost a century before he finally became a father.

God had made every man to be inclusive in his promises in creation in Genesis but Abraham had to get another promise again at 75 years.

This is a story that sometimes we need to wait and actually get a part in God's script for us to play our parts right in this "LIFE STAGE” where God is the "STAGE DIRECTOR"

I wish as you go through this little piece the Holy Spirit will minister to your heart and you will find YOUR part in God's divine plan for mankind.


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